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Audit andassurance

Our Service

Charm Accounting Corporation provides the high-quality audit service based on long experience and accumulative knowledge

Since financial statement is used for decision-making of numerous interested parties, the financial statement needs to announce the corporation’s management performance and financial position precisely and transparently.

Audit not only provides confidence in reliability of corporation’s financial information but also contributes on verifying the effectiveness of the accounting processing system and internal control structure.

  • Statutory Audit

    Audit in accordance with acts on external audit and other acts
    Audit on financial statement of listed and over-the-counter registered corporation in accordance with Securities and Exchange Act
    Audit on financial statement in accordance with Foreign Exchange Management Act and Fair Trade Act
    Audit on public sectors, non-profit corporation, and other voluntary audit

  • Audit on consolidated financial statement

    Audit on consolidated financial statement of group and consolidated corporation

  • Internal audit service

    Advise and management improvement consultation regarding management activities
    Support and review on internal audit for work flow improvement

  • Audit in accordance with foreign accounting standards

    Audit in accordance with US-GAAP, IFRS Conversion Services / IAS

  • Special-purpose audit

    Audit regarding takeover, merger, and joint investment, audit regarding royalty, audit regarding fraud detection

  • Service regarding internal control system

    Review and audit on internal control system related to SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act)
    Review on internal control system in accordance with Act on External Audit and Securities and Exchange Act

  • Service related to cost accounting

    Analysis and construction of cost system for securing cost competitiveness

  • Tax accounting service

    Tax report and accounting agency service for corporate foundation and accounting book
    Accounting and tax affair agency service for small and medium-sized corporation