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Our Service

Charm Accounting Corporation’s consulting service provides the correct answer for the questions.

While management focused on the simple profit in the past, contemporary management philosophy is converting into value management and knowledge management for enhancing the corporation value continuously

  • FCM

    Provision of tools for effective interpretation of accounting data such as financial accounting, cost accounting, and fund management

  • HR Consulting

    Analysis on job and evaluation of job value for each occupational type / Construction of salary system / Executive and staff Construction of reward system

  • BPR

    Identification of AS-IS and suggestion of TO BE for whole processes including finance, accounting, production, sales, marketing, and service
    Preparation of business plan
    Agency service on preparation of purposive business plan for submission to government and investors

  • Valuation Service

    Valuation in consideration of overall corporation value determinants including accounting, tax affairs, legal affairs, sales, and human resources affairs in reflection of economic variable, characteristic of industry, status of corporation, and transaction status